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Debt Ceiling

July 14th, 2011-5:09 am by sub2change

Boring topic, I know. But, watching our president deal with the debate over spending is providing much insight into his character. So far, Barack Obama has refused to put on his big boy pants and get serious about handling the country’s finances. Instead, he has resorted to fearmongering, finger pointing, and storming out of the room. Namecalling can’t be too far behind.

One talk show caller had a great idea, but I would take it further. He said we should allow the debt limit to increase $100 billion each month, provided the president identifies matching spending cuts. I like the plan, but the Republicans also need to consistently refer to the monthly increase as “Obama’s Allowance.” Even if the MSM trys to downplay the strategy, the imagery should stick. Obama is behaving like a child and he should be treated as one.

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The Safest Bookstore in Town

July 14th, 2011-4:53 am by sub2change



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Happy Birthday!

July 1st, 2011-5:42 am by sub2change

Happy first birthday, smoking ban.

I still don’t agree with you, but we’ve learned to like each other.

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Chokegate Caught on Video

June 29th, 2011-5:27 am by sub2change

What actually happened.

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Mailing it In

June 26th, 2011-8:57 pm by sub2change

What does this tell you about Barack Obama’s commitment to the office of president?

I don’t feel a need to comment, except to wonder if the process of lawmaking is officially legal without at least one hand written and witnessed signature by the president.

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Have You Noticed…

June 22nd, 2011-7:29 pm by sub2change

… the liberal agenda seems to be an attempt to roll back the clock to before the industrial revolution on everything except taxes.

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Brown Thumb

June 21st, 2011-5:38 pm by sub2change


Does anyone know how much to water a young avocado tree?

Mine are always struggling to survive.

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Innocent Question

June 21st, 2011-6:00 am by sub2change

If a relative of yours woke from a three year coma, could you bring yourself to explain the Obama administration?

I might have them put back under until it blows over.

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Double Standard

June 20th, 2011-6:26 pm by sub2change

Hey, what’s the body count in Libya?

I’m just asking because the MSM isn’t. Seems a bit neglectful, doesn’t it?

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The Day Improved

June 20th, 2011-1:50 am by sub2change


If you watched the Milwaukee 225 yesterday you would know that our day got better, in spite of our morning frustration.

The weather was great for spending a day outside: overcast and mild. Maybe it was a bit too damp for racing, though. Our section of the track claimed three victims right in front of us! We even went home with a few small pieces of the wrecks, which someone on the cleanup crew collected for my son.

I don’t know much of anything about racing, but we all had a good time.

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