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Buy Someone a Car for Christmas

December 20th, 2007-6:33 pm by sub2change

Why not make mine brand new Lexus?

Buy one for your kid, who just wrecked the station wagon.

Go ahead… Be one of those people. You make me sick.

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  1. Pete Fanning Says:

    I have a problem with people who own a Lexus…they tend to sneak up behind me at 80 mph and cause me to roll over….

  2. Coop Says:

    I have a problem with women who drive SUVs and look at construction workers instead of the road…

    But seriously, if you have the money, and you can buy a decent, reliable, cheap to own/maintain/use car for someone in need, and can do it in such a way as to not make a big deal out of it, go for it. I do have a big problem with people who buy cars for their kids, and then just hand them the keys. The kids end up with a sense of entitlement.

  3. 3rd way Says:

    I agree with you Coop. Anyone that hands the keys of a car to their kid should be turned into social services. If they buy their kid a Lexus they should be turned into an insane asylum.

    I don’t see what Aaron’s problem is with a car as a gift between two responsible adults. If I could afford it I would love to surprise my wife with a new car on Tuesday, she needs one. They don’t last forever and they are a utiliterian item. It seems like a relatively practical gift if you have the extra money around. How can you support the accumulation of wealth without the free discretion of spending it? What is the purpose of accumulating wealth if you are not going to spend it?

  4. sub2change Says:

    I was picturing the parents buying a car for their kids, more than the latter.

    I’m also a bit annoyed at seeing all the commercials on TV, with cars wrapped up in bows. Give me a break…

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