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Slavery… Easter… Wedding… It’s All the Same

January 13th, 2009-7:20 pm by sub2change

I conducted a non-scientific poll about this picture, which has the NAACP crying in their Colt 45s.


I won’t claim to understand why these girls are dressed like shower poufs, or why they were invited to inauguration day. I just know that the cries of racism are patently lame. So, I took a survey of a strong liberal and a strong conservative at work. Kelly, who talks like a conservative but votes like a liberal represented the moderate point of view.

Liberal: “Tell me those aren’t your bridesmaid dresses.”

Conservative: “Looks like Easter.”

Kelly: “Southern dresses?”

So, Kelly gets the prize for getting closest on the imagery. She also gets bonus points for her blank stare when I explained that the NAACP says the dresses are offensive.

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  1. tee bee Says:

    Clearly you haven’t seen 27 Dresses. And neither has the NAACP.

    But the dresses are still highly offensive.

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