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Debt Ceiling

July 14th, 2011-5:09 am by sub2change

Boring topic, I know. But, watching our president deal with the debate over spending is providing much insight into his character. So far, Barack Obama has refused to put on his big boy pants and get serious about handling the country’s finances. Instead, he has resorted to fearmongering, finger pointing, and storming out of the room. Namecalling can’t be too far behind.

One talk show caller had a great idea, but I would take it further. He said we should allow the debt limit to increase $100 billion each month, provided the president identifies matching spending cuts. I like the plan, but the Republicans also need to consistently refer to the monthly increase as “Obama’s Allowance.” Even if the MSM trys to downplay the strategy, the imagery should stick. Obama is behaving like a child and he should be treated as one.

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  1. Nick Says:

    To be fair, it’s Congress’ responsibility to raise or not raise the debt ceiling, not Obama’s.

    If Congress doesn’t raise the ceiling, the consequences WILL BE DIRE.

    McConnell’s plan of allowing the President to raise the ceiling as long as he identifies spending cuts his a horrible one. First, that seeds more executive power to the White House. Congress can not simply decide it doesn’t want to do something it’s supposed to.

    Secondly, if Obama does “identify” cuts… so what? Congress could do nothing with those cuts, or Obama could not do anything with those cuts. Who enforces that?

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